Tom Ravin MDThomas Ravin, M.D.

Dr. Tom Ravin has been practicing musculoskeletal medicine and prolotherapy for over 30 years in Denver, Colorado, and has taught these subjects both nationally and internationally since 1990. He is the lead author of Principles of Prolotherapy, the first major textbook on prolotherapy, published in 2008.

His specialty is making the diagnosis of a chronic pain complaint that other health care providers have been unable to make by taking a careful history and doing a joint by joint ligament and tendon assessment.

Dr. Ravin specializes in using prolotherapy and manipulation, nutrition, and hormones to treat chronic musculoskeletal pain.



Marc N. Dubick, M.D. Marc N. Dubick, M.D.

Dr. Marc Dubick is a board certified Anesthesiologist and Interventional Pain Management physician. He specializes in the treatment of the muscular and skeletal components of chronic pain. Dr. Dubick has particular expertise in Prolotherapy/Regenerative Injection Therapy, which helps strengthen weakened ligaments and tendons.

His goal is to help his patients become as pain free as possible, improving their function and normalizing their life style. He graduated in 1975 from the University of Kentucky College of Medicine and in 1970 from the University of Maryland School of Dentistry. After practicing Anesthesiology at St. Joseph Hospital in Lexington, KY for 17 years, Dr. Dubick gravitated to the field of chronic pain management here he was able to develop a continuity of care with his patients.

Dr. Mary HarrowMary Harrow, D.O.

Since 1998, Dr. Mary Harrow has been a board certified osteopathic family practice physician. After completion of medical school at Ohio University, internship at Mercy Medical Center (UC Davis) and residency at Colorado Springs Osteopathic Foundation, she settled into a solo integrative medical practice in Colorado Springs. She suffered with chronic pain and began specializing in prolotherapy after receiving rejuvenation with the technique. Active lifestyle with a focus on mental and emotional health are the cornerstones of her life and practice.

She has attended multiple cadaver courses in Denver and participated as an assistant instructor in the last two.  She assisted Dr. Ravin in a cadaver course in Seoul, South Korea that taught advanced injection techniques to 20 doctors, who were the key instructors of the Korean Association of Orthopedic Medicine.