CATEGORY: Prolotherapy Education

Module 1: Prolotherapy Basics

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Module 1: Prolotherapy Basics

The Prolotherapy Basics module gives you an overview of prolotherapy fundamentals, and includes the history of prolotherapy, fundamental skills, wound healing, proliferants, and biotensegrity. 

This module is very important to understanding both the structure and key elements of the course.

Dr. Ravin brings to bear his considerable experience in successfully treating thousands of patients, combining instruction with graphics, animations, slides, links, and other media to enable you to learn the skills necessary to successfully treat patients using prolotherapy. 

CME Credits: 2.0

This will be helpful to you, in that it will allow you to add another dimension to your practice of musculoskeletal medicine.

Module Topics

  • Introduction 
  • Basic Fundamentals of Prolotherapy 
  • Dr. Ravin’s Path to Prolotherapy 
  • Fundamental Skills of Prolotherapy 
  • Wound Healing 
  • Proliferants 
  • Biotensegrity

The power of getting to the point is that in many instances, you will be treating a very small area that’s been injured. This module shows you how to consistently get your needle to the injured site–quickly, accurately, and effectively.

It is essential to gather these fundamental skills, which include the scientific background for how it works, the ability to take good histories, administer directed physical examinations, derive a good differential diagnosis, and identify and spot landmarks. 

All of these are techniques that you will learn throughout this course.

Course Information

Dr. Thomas Ravin, M.D. has been a practicing prolotherapist for nearly 30 years, and has been teaching prolotherapy to medical professionals since the early 1990’s. Dr. Ravin has trained hundreds of professionals, using the experience he has gained from successfully treating thousands of patients. Dr. Ravin’s text, Principles of Prolotherapy, written with Dr. Mark S. Cantieri, D.O. and Dr. George J. Pasquarello, D.O., is a best-seller, and is widely considered to be the most comprehensive text covering all aspects of prolotherapy.