Teaching the Art and Science of Prolotherapy, Regenerative Injection Techniques and Musculoskeletal Medicine

America's Best Workshops Designed to Enhance Your MSK Medicine Skills

The American Academy of Musculoskeletal Medicine offers the Prolotherapy Lecture Series, the premier courses to teach the fundamentals of MSK evaluation, diagnosis and treatment.

The Prolotherapy Lecture Series emphasizes the fundamentals of musculoskeletal medicine: Ligament and tendon anatomy.

  • History taking directed to relevant areas
  • Physical examination including ligament evaluation and joint-function assessment
  • Palpation of soft tissues and techniques for evaluating painful structures
  • Landmark identification with or without additional imaging
  • Injections on models with fluoroscopic confirmation of needle placement
  • Proliferant uses from blood, PRP, testosterone, HGH and stem cells

The American Academy of Musculoskeletal Medicine (AAMSM) courses are divided into three levels PART 1, PART 2 and CADAVER for students with varying degrees of experience, mastery of the fundamentals, and needle-handling skills.

The courses are for physicians practicing orthopedic medicine, physiatrists, pain management, sports medicine, family medicine, osteopathic manipulative medicine, and for all physicians who are interested in learning and developing musculoskeletal medicine skills.

The price of the individual courses includes:

  • Transportation to and from the airport
  • Room, meals and a dinner party
  • 18+ hours of CME
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