Cadaver Labs



Cadaver workshops give you real, in-depth, guided experience. These courses are the answer to how you can get started developing the three fundamental skills that make up the “how’s” of musculoskeletal medicine—landmark identification, needle handling and hitting the target. This course is appropriate for anyone who has a license to inject.

The 2 ½-day course includes:

  • Extensive, hands-on experience with experienced and knowledgeable instructors;
  • Work on whole cadavers. Many workshops offer sessions with disarticulated body parts. Our workshops use only whole
    cadavers, giving you the big picture, and enabling you to work on multiple parts of the body;
  • Lots of time to work with the needle, supported by fluoroscope images and direct feedback;
  • Lodging and all meals Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday through lunch.

By the time you’ve completed the workshop, you will be ready to successfully treat patients in your office with confidence and precision.